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KC Marathon? Check.

On Saturday, October 20, I ran the Kansas City marathon with four friends. The original Team BadAss reunited with two extra members, both first-time marathoners, for this lovely tour of our city.

Team BadAss, plus two

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First Trail Marathon? Check.

The night before the Hawk Hundred, I dreamt that Sherrie, who was running the 100, and I were running late, and we had to wade through a waste-deep swamp full of crocodiles to get to a cabin to call someone to get us and take us to the race. In my dream, as a crocodile swam toward us, I remember thinking, “Oh shit, here comes a crocodile… Or is it an alligator? I always forget the difference.” When we reached the cabin, everyone spoke Spanish and I don’t know how to say “Take us to the race” in espaƱol. Continue reading