Clowns vs. Mimes

Much better training this week, despite the heat, humidity, and my ongoing sore calf. I’m still babying it a little so it doesn’t get worse before the marathon next weekend. As it is now, I might have some mild pain throughout the entire marathon, but I shouldn’t be miserable. Now to focus on eating more-better!

I was scheduled to run 8 miles yesterday, and was doing a pretty good job of talking myself into completing all 8, despite my calf and the hot conditions on the trails. My running mix is stellar, and I practiced not thinking about pain each time my right leg hit the ground and my calf bellowed a little. But the cyclists! Oh the cyclists…

Look up trail etiquette and you’ll find a few standard rules, such as these:

  • Hikers, runners, and bikers should always yield to horses
  • Bikers should yield to hikers and runners
  • Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic

(Let’s assume they mean cyclists when they say bikers, which generally refers to people on motorcycles, and those aren’t even allowed on the trails.)

The problem is that few of the cyclists bother learning any trail etiquette, so it ends up all clowns vs. mimes out there in the wild. Generally, trail runners yield to the cyclists anyway, because the runners tend to be more considerate and friendly. But at some point, a girl’s gotta draw the line. Last night, for example, the cyclists descended on the trails, and seldom did I hear a ‘thank you’ as I stepped aside. Maybe once. One chump pedaled past me twice and each time said, in a patronizing tone, “Nice job,” as I stepped aside for him.

At that point I was all, “Ok, fuck it. You get out of my way because I’m going to send you flying over the handlebars if you don’t yield a little.” The next guy came flying by with no intention of yielding, so I kept running steadily ahead, and right when we were at an impasse, I nonchalantly ran off the trail slightly and kept right on chugging. Did I get a ‘thanks for moving out of my way even though I’m a complete jackass and should have made some attempt to move over for you‘? No. Instead, I got some cursing and mumbling under his breath as he pedaled past.

I decided to end my run after the 5 mile loop, when I saw even more cyclists heading to the trail entrance.

Good thing my Road ID is on the way to my house. They’re gonna need it when they try to unwind my twisted clown corpse from some mime’s spokes one of these days.

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One Response to Clowns vs. Mimes

  1. Runners are the nicest people out there. People on bikes are always kicking me off the sidewalk. What the cheese?? I should get a Road ID, too!