Fierce, with no excuses.

As my hip was still healing, I decided to make my running short and fast until I’d recovered… which is how I hurt my knee. At first, I thought my knee needed to pop, but then I realized I’d yanked something, so I pretty much quit running for the past few weeks to let everything heal. Besides, we had a big fatty snow storm followed by a blizzard the next week, so my frost-bitten toes were happy for the downtime. I got a little lazy, but still kept up my weight training and lost 1/2 inch all over, except my gun show, which went up 1/2 an inch. Pow!

But next to this girl, I’m a slacker:

KateThat’s my little sister, Katie. Katie is getting littler by the day. In fact, she’s lost 166 pounds since January 5, 2012. Her starting weight was 351*. She wasn’t healthy, and she certainly wasn’t happy.

If you look at her face in this photo, you can see the fierce determination it took her to change her diet and start exercising. She’s fierce, am I right?

Here’s what she looked like one year into her weight loss:

Katie Before

No crazy diets. No personal trainer. No gym membership. No miracle drug. … No s%&$*?

Katie is at 202 pounds now and recently added weight training at a gym into her exercise mix and she’s training for her first marathon. Because I’m such an awesome big sister, I offered to run it with her. (And I swear my offer has nothing to do with her choosing to run a marathon in Hawaii. No, really.)

Katie, you’re a bad ass. Keep up the amazing work!

* Katie’s starting weight deserves and asterisk because she weighed ~368 pounds before she officially started her weight loss journey. She’d dropped about 17 pounds over the couple of months before she kicked off her life change.


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