No Rocky Raccoon for me… Sigh…

Back in December, I pissed off my right hip. The hip isn’t pissed when I walk, but gets progressively pissier the longer I run, which means I’ve been sticking to 3-7 mile runs and visiting the chiropractor/active release therapist regularly. So I’m not running my first 50-mile ultra next weekend. I’m not even riding to Texas with my fellow Tramps to show my emotional support, because the financial hit I take on every trip is really too much. (You single parents out there know what I’m talking about.)

Anyhoo, instead of staying home this weekend and feeling melancholy, I plan to go to a dance workshop and learn how to Lindy, which is something I’ve wanted to do for years and years. So a happy ending is still quite possible. And I haven’t given up on running a 50-miler. Instead, I’m postponing it until September and plan to run the Hawk Hundred 50.

Things I learned this winter:

  • Running on snowy trails is fun
  • Running on dark trails with a headlamp is fun
  • Running on dark, snowy trails with a headlamp is the funnest

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