Back in the Saddle

I see that I haven’t updated this site since I finished my 50k, which I suppose makes perfect sense. I built up to that, then crashed and burned. Since that run, I’ve also had two trips, which threw a wrench in my running schedule.

I was in Salt Lake City for a few days, and the weather and roads were ideal for running. I tend to get pretty run down on business trips, and that particular one was worse than normal, so my running shoes never hit Utah pavement. Then I went to Austin and stayed with my best friend the week of Thanksgiving. Many a margarita was consumed, but no mileage was.

My weight training has been going great, but I’ve had a hard time getting back into a running groove. The coach was a little (well, a LOT) ticked when I told her I couldn’t do my 30-mile training run last Saturday, but parenting always comes first, and my teen had a thing scheduled that same day. Yesterday (Sunday) I ran 20 miles with my friends who made it to the 30 mile training run the day before, which means we kept a pretty slow, steady pace because they were hurting a bit.

Yes, I only ran 20 of the 50 scheduled for the weekend. For normal American humans, a 20 mile run sounds like a lot, but for ultrarunners, that’s not so impressive, particularly when the weather is decent and the pace is slow. I used to think that was a lot of miles, until I started hanging out with these ultrarunners. Now I feel like I shouldn’t even complain about anything I run that’s under 70 miles, which means everything I’ve run so far.

Yesterday’s run was perfectly delightful because it helped me get some of my running mojo back and I got to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. In fact, I came home and ordered two new pairs of running shoes to help psych me up for the 50 miles I get to log next weekend.

During our run, the girls and I talked about our friends who are new to running and who might still be working on making it a full mile, or working up to their first 5k. We all vividly remember how hard it was when we got started running. If you are still working up to completing a mile, or even just making it around the block, remember that every goal you hit is worthy of celebrating.

When I look back at my brief running history, I remember my first 5k as the most exciting, happiest race I’ve ever completed. If you’d told me back then that I’d be training to run a 50-mile ultra in February 2013, I would have thought you were hilarious… and a little bit crazy.

This week is the taper, which works well because I’ll be traveling again. I get to eat like a little piggy and relax, then run, run, run all day Saturday. Back in the saddle.

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