And more working on working out …

Instead of ticking off the list of reasons excuses I have for not forcing myself to do strength training at home, I’ll focus on the solution. Really, I can’t stand people who make excuses. Own your junk and get on with it already.

I’m ready to take my workouts and my running to the next level, but there is one big thing holding me back:

Yep. That’s me.

So I figure I need to work around ME if I’m going to get what I want. I already have an amazing running coach, so what’s a ME to do?

I hired a strength training coach.

Seriously, I need help from two professionals to make ME work out? Well, not if I want to be a regular runner and stay in good shape. I’m already there. What I really want is to run ultramarathons, which I could probably do under the current training plan. But I think I could run them much better — preferably without weeping for 40 miles — if I knocked my training up a couple of levels, which is where the pros come in.

“How do you afford two coaches?!” you ask. You’d be surprised by how much money you save when you focus on hours of exercise instead of happy hours.

Seriously, I’m saving a fortune. Not only am I not spending money on booze or late night burritos and pizza runs, I’m making better financial decisions the next day when I have a clear head instead of a splitting whiskey headache. And all this exercise means I’m off an anti-depressant, which is additional savings. (Actually, as it turns out, fitness coaches are dramatically more affordable than therapists, and a therapist can’t do anything about your muffin top.) So the money was there anyway, I just shifted it to a different line item on the spreadsheet.

I meet with the strength training coach tomorrow, and see my fab running coach the next day. That’s me, a work in progress, still working on working out.

In other news, I mastered the art of the farmer’s blow on my 12 mile country road solo run last weekend. Who knew that the “farmer’s blow” would be something I practiced and attempted to master in my 40s? Life is hilarious like that.

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