Working on working out

I skip strength training on my workout schedule, unless my coach physically arrives at my house, slams my body on the ground, and starts barking orders. Somedays, she drags me kicking and screaming out into the road and makes me do lunges from one house to another. 

The problem with this arrangement is that, because of various weekend races, my running coach hasn’t been able to come over and force me to work it. And even her weekly visits didn’t get my twice-weekly strength training done for me. I decided there were two ways to solve this dilemma: join a gym and attend boot camp, or make myself do the workout all on my lonesome.

Last night, months after first seeing “strength training” on my workout schedule, I actually did strength training. I did everything on the list, and some extra. But I had to do a little modification to replace the previous motivation (someone forcing me to exercise).

As I did my bicycles (2 sets, 45 seconds each), I watched an episode of Bones. In fact, one Hulu-streaming episode (with commercial interruptions) got me through an entire workout. On my rests between sets, I chatted with a friend via Facebook, and we set up a date to see a concert next Wednesday.

I told my friend that I was strength training as we chatted, while I watched Bones. She confessed that she’d recently falling off the exercise wagon and was going to start again next week. Why wait, I wondered. I told her to start today with a 1-mile run. These are the tricks I use to make myself work out.

I’m not one of those mythical beasts who wakes up in the morning excited about exercise.  I’m more of a working-out work-in-progress.

I felt pretty good about finally finding an arrangement that works for me working out on my own, so afterward I treated myself to a cupcake. Clearly, my workout kinks still need a little working out.

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