Ready, Set, Run

Long story short: I started running at age 39.

Now I’m 42 and beginning to feel like a runner. On Saturday, August 18, 2012, I ran 25 miles on the Clinton Lake trails in Lawrence, Kansas. I ran with Gary, a well-known local trail runner and experienced ultra marathoner. On our run, Gary told me that I needed to start keeping a running diary and writing race reports. So here it is, my official running blog:

Gary also recited an epic poem and a Japanese fable on that run, but those are stories for a future blog post.

On Sunday, August 19, 2012, my running coach, Coleen, declared

You, my darling, have done your work for the marathon… from here on out it is just small tweaking and upkeep… but the hay is in the barn.  Congrats!!

And now I’m ready to start documenting a journey that started in March 2010.

I didn’t come from a healthy family, and I wasn’t a high school athlete who let herself go in her twenties. I remained consistently unhealthy from childhood on. Even when I started running, I didn’t change much about my diet or alcohol consumption. Sure, being vegetarian helped me eat somewhat better than the average American, but my relatively heavy booze intake and sporadic eating habits counteracted any benefits my vegetarian diet could have given me. I still struggle with eating well, but I’ve cut way back on the booze.

By spring 2012, I found myself divorced, sober, broke, and ready to knock myself out of my comfort level. I wanted a challenge. I decided to switch to trail running and become an ultrarunner. So this is my story — ticks, blisters, missing toenails, broken heart, forged friendships, the (mostly) great outdoors, euphoria, and all.

Ready, set, run!


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