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Keep Running with Cows

runningwithcowsOn Saturday I ran my first 1/2 marathon of the year. I’m trying to get into shape for my June marathon, and I enjoyed the Running with the Cows half last year. Continue reading

Why you should run your first 5k

Sometimes I forget how perfect a 5k can be.

About a week ago, I visited a close friend who has glioblastoma, which is a fancy name for brain cancer. My friend was diagnosed with brain cancer the same week I filed for divorce, and I suppose that our big fat life changes were why we bonded (and subsequently dated for a few months). Even then I knew that I wasn’t in a good space to try to have a relationship, but my friend is exceptional and I felt fortunate to have him in my life.

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Ten Miles

I’ve had a tough time of it getting back in the groove this spring after a long, cold, snowy, brutal winter around here. Frankly, I’d had enough running in the cold. I was over the whole Raynaud’s issue and the long post-run discomfort that goes with it. At least I kept up with the weight lifting all winter, which is helping me get back in the swing of things.

Another thing that helps is feeling motivated by other runners. Yesterday, for example, I felt tired and depressed and grumpy, and I knew that running would make me feel better. But I was tired, depressed, and grumpy.

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