Monthly Archives: October 2012

First 50k in the can

Up a hill, second lap. (Photo by Gary Dougherty,

Sunday, October 28, I ran my first ultra, a 50k in Omaha, Nebraska. The G.O.A.T.z 50k course was a 10+ mile loop around Cunningham Lake, which the 50k runners got to repeat three times (well, run once and repeat twice).

Although I arrived at the race alone, I quickly met up with fellow K.C. area runners, Bryan, Beck, and Deb. Knowing that they were there running the 50k, too, was actually quite comforting. This was also Beck’s first 50k, and we had tons of moral support from Bryan, Deb, Coleen (our running coach), the Lawrence Trail Hawks, and the K.C. runners. Continue reading

KC Marathon? Check.

On Saturday, October 20, I ran the Kansas City marathon with four friends. The original Team BadAss reunited with two extra members, both first-time marathoners, for this lovely tour of our city.

Team BadAss, plus two

Continue reading

Life happens in between runs

My child turned 16 last weekend, which means I missed my 16-mile run on Saturday. And I don’t regret it one single bit. I spent that day driving my kid from activity to activity, and she had an awesome 16th birthday weekend. Continue reading

Project Buffy (aka How Exercise Helps My Depression)

Last week I met with my new strength trainer for the first time. Part of me feels like this extra trainer is an extra expense I don’t need, but all my other parts are thanking me for this decision. Yes, even the parts that really hurt, because all those parts fight depression, the kind of depression that feels like the flu, all day every day, for weeks or even months. Continue reading