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And more working on working out …

Instead of ticking off the list of reasons excuses I have for not forcing myself to do strength training at home, I’ll focus on the solution. Really, I can’t stand people who make excuses. Own your junk and get on with it already.

I’m ready to take my workouts and my running to the next level, but there is one big thing holding me back: Continue reading

Working on working out

I skip strength training on my workout schedule, unless my coach physically arrives at my house, slams my body on the ground, and starts barking orders. Somedays, she drags me kicking and screaming out into the road and makes me do lunges from one house to another.  Continue reading

Tracking Time

Eleven months ago today, I woke up single and self-employed for the first time ever. In the words of the great Groucho Marx:

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

I ramped up my running only about 7 months ago, and I haven’t kept track of every mile or minute. Still, I’ve racked up more than 121 hours of running, according to the stats I did manage to record on Daily Mile, and I’ve logged more than 535 miles. Continue reading

How to Enjoy Running

Last night I got an email from a friend, which started like this:

How do you enjoy running? I want to like it, but I don’t.

Actually, I get asked this question fairly frequently, so I thought I’d answer it here. Continue reading

First Trail Marathon? Check.

The night before the Hawk Hundred, I dreamt that Sherrie, who was running the 100, and I were running late, and we had to wade through a waste-deep swamp full of crocodiles to get to a cabin to call someone to get us and take us to the race. In my dream, as a crocodile swam toward us, I remember thinking, “Oh shit, here comes a crocodile… Or is it an alligator? I always forget the difference.” When we reached the cabin, everyone spoke Spanish and I don’t know how to say “Take us to the race” in español. Continue reading

Hawk Hundred Eve

The two-week taper makes me feel week and soft. Or maybe it’s the lack of sore muscles talking, because my short taper-length runs have felt fabulous for my feet and mood. My calf has healed, and I feel like I have more energy. Hopefully this carries over through tomorrow, my first trail marathon.

Sometimes I need to run alone.

Continue reading

What Condition My Condition Is In

Before my first 5k a few years ago, I over prepared. I thought about nutrition, sleep, and so on. My race partner and I even carb loaded, for crying out loud. After I got a few races under my belt, I kicked back and comfortably settled into the not-preparing-enough category. Somewhere in between those two extremes lies the level of prep I need. Continue reading