Monthly Archives: August 2012

Clowns vs. Mimes

Much better training this week, despite the heat, humidity, and my ongoing sore calf. I’m still babying it a little so it doesn’t get worse before the marathon next weekend. As it is now, I might have some mild pain throughout the entire marathon, but I shouldn’t be miserable. Now to focus on eating more-better! Continue reading

Training Ups & Downs & Back Up Agains

Rarely do I have a week in which my training matches what is on my official training schedule. Okay, maybe never. Like a running pirate, I consider my schedule to be more of a set of “guidelines” than rules. Still, my actual mileage is usually pretty close to scheduled miles. Last week, however, not so much. Continue reading

From 1 block to 1 marathon in less than 1 year

Ready to run

In 2010, I was a 39-year-old, unhappily married mother of a teenager, and I wanted to run away from home. So one day I walked out the front door, popped on my headset, and started running. And I made it about a block. Continue reading

Ready, Set, Run

Long story short: I started running at age 39.

Now I’m 42 and beginning to feel like a runner. On Saturday, August 18, 2012, I ran 25 miles on the Clinton Lake trails in Lawrence, Kansas. I ran with Gary, a well-known local trail runner and experienced ultra marathoner. On our run, Gary told me that I needed to start keeping a running diary and writing race reports. So here it is, my official running blog: Continue reading