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Marathon training (aka Why did I wait til the last month?)

As you can see from my lack of bloggery, I haven’t been running much this year. If I were the type to offer a list of bull#$%* excuses, it would look like this:

  1. Too busy
  2. Too tired
  3. Too many injuries
  4. Spent time with my daughter before she left the country
  5. Spent time with friends and started dating again
  6. Traveled a lot for work
  7. Too hot
  8. Too humid
  9. Too many bugs
  10. Too much poison ivy
  11. and you get the point…

The truth is I didn’t prioritize running this year like I did last year. I worked out with a trainer more and am in pretty good shape, despite cutting back on running. And I drank way more beer, which added 10 pounds (pounds that I’d like to say is muscle weight, but who am I kidding). I have been running, but nothing like I did last year.

And I have been focusing on packing, purging, and planning to move out of state. In the process of this chaos I call My Life, I forgot that I’m running the Kansas City marathon next month. Oops. So it’s back into training mode for me, and now I’m thinking I better sign up for more races in the future to keep myself motivated. Four weeks to train for a marathon? Sure, why not.

Who wants to run the Austin marathon with me in February? We’ve got tons of time to train for that one.


KC Marathon? Check.

On Saturday, October 20, I ran the Kansas City marathon with four friends. The original Team BadAss reunited with two extra members, both first-time marathoners, for this lovely tour of our city.

Team BadAss, plus two

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How to Enjoy Running

Last night I got an email from a friend, which started like this:

How do you enjoy running? I want to like it, but I don’t.

Actually, I get asked this question fairly frequently, so I thought I’d answer it here. Continue reading

First Trail Marathon? Check.

The night before the Hawk Hundred, I dreamt that Sherrie, who was running the 100, and I were running late, and we had to wade through a waste-deep swamp full of crocodiles to get to a cabin to call someone to get us and take us to the race. In my dream, as a crocodile swam toward us, I remember thinking, “Oh shit, here comes a crocodile… Or is it an alligator? I always forget the difference.” When we reached the cabin, everyone spoke Spanish and I don’t know how to say “Take us to the race” in espaƱol. Continue reading

Hawk Hundred Eve

The two-week taper makes me feel week and soft. Or maybe it’s the lack of sore muscles talking, because my short taper-length runs have felt fabulous for my feet and mood. My calf has healed, and I feel like I have more energy. Hopefully this carries over through tomorrow, my first trail marathon.

Sometimes I need to run alone.

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