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Why you should run your first 5k

Sometimes I forget how perfect a 5k can be.

About a week ago, I visited a close friend who has glioblastoma, which is a fancy name for brain cancer. My friend was diagnosed with brain cancer the same week I filed for divorce, and I suppose that our big fat life changes were why we bonded (and subsequently dated for a few months). Even then I knew that I wasn’t in a good space to try to have a relationship, but my friend is exceptional and I felt fortunate to have him in my life.

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First 50k in the can

Up a hill, second lap. (Photo by Gary Dougherty,

Sunday, October 28, I ran my first ultra, a 50k in Omaha, Nebraska. The G.O.A.T.z 50k course was a 10+ mile loop around Cunningham Lake, which the 50k runners got to repeat three times (well, run once and repeat twice).

Although I arrived at the race alone, I quickly met up with fellow K.C. area runners, Bryan, Beck, and Deb. Knowing that they were there running the 50k, too, was actually quite comforting. This was also Beck’s first 50k, and we had tons of moral support from Bryan, Deb, Coleen (our running coach), the Lawrence Trail Hawks, and the K.C. runners. Continue reading